We couldn't have it all.

Even though that great love don't lasts forever, memories do. He will always be the one I loved holding hands with, while walking down the street.

He will always be the one I loved looking at while he was sleeping. And he will always be the one I loved first.

And I'll always remember him as the guy who broke my heart. At the same time i'm thankful. I wouldn't be in this place, with the currage to love someone else if it wasn't for him, my first great love. I've learned from our mistakes, but also from our love. I never thought I could love someone else that much, but guess what? I do.

I sure do. And it feels pretty damn good. So I couldn't help of wonder.. If you're going through life , thinking that - " This is the one". What happen when next "Mr.Right" shows up? Are we so into fairytalrs, that we can't live in reality? Or are we to scared that reality isn't what we expected?

- Nattliga tankar, 05.43

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