Just like the air we breathe.

Hope makes you believe. And when you believe everything is better.
-I believe.

The sun comes out from a sea of clouds
I shed my disguise
We laugh out loud
I am sure that someday soon we'll all be just fine

I hear a choir of angels on a dead end street
The faces of children make me believe that someday
Some day soon the dark will subside

We're calling out answers we don't know
Calling on friends we thought we'd lost
We all have to see what we've become
Waiting on chances so far gone
Hoping our answers light the dark
Praying someday soon we'll understand
As we search for the promised land

I see a holy host of sweet confusion
And we all bleed but some men choose to stand up
Stand up straight when there's something to lose


Skrivet av: Rebecca

kikar in :)

2010-06-25 - 17:27:09
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Skrivet av: Tesa

cute blog!


2010-06-26 - 13:50:05
Blogg: http://tempspourlamode.blogspot.com/

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