Flushing down the dreams.

Don't mind if you treat me bad again, I don't care anymore
Life's too short to make trouble out of small things
It is better this way, I'm sort of laid back today
Close my ears when words come flying out, I've heard them all before
With just a lot of hope flushing down the drain, it is better this way
I am going away

I tried and then some more
Instead of dragging the both of us down
Divide separate ways
It's never easy this way, it's never easy this way

Talk too me, throw the ball back
I've been here before there is no turning back
Talk to me just tell it like it is
Just two afraid souls, going at each other, at each other
We're at the crossroad going separate ways, time to say it as it is
And if we bump into each other one day we'll be better then
Maybe we can start all over again

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