Keep me warm, dont forget - Life is sweet, so no regrets. And let's not sleep alone.

I'm not sure why I can't sleep
All I know right now, is you're the thing I need

I send this prayer up to the same stars you see
Baby please, come home to me

We spend too much time apart
There aren't words to say whats happening in my heart
I live with blinders on, you're the only thing I see
Baby please, come home to me

I'm sure that it's hard for you
Though I wont make believe

We both get by and I'm hoping that someday soon
We will figure out a way
just to spend a little time time and not say goodbye

Nothin' moves me anymore

I wait impatiently for footsteps by the door
Above all other things, you're what I believe
So baby please, come home to me

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