I had it all, just watched it fall.

I was waiting on the clouds to break
I was praying for a chance to take
and every sleepless night that I have known
has brought me here and so I hope
that times will change, and I'll feel safe and you won't go away

And there is a story here, I feel it
I've searched for something real, and I believe this
You found me on the ground where I was bleedin'
and you came around

I'd had enough, I'd given up, I was broken
Left to rust, hollowed out, life seemed hopeless,
here you are, you see my scars, but still you're dryin' these eyes

cause you are my reason why.

I was searchin' for a place to go, somewhere to rest my head
I'm tired of being alone
And if theres room for me inside your bed
Just keep me warm, and don't forget
That life is sweet, so no regrets, and let's not sleep alone

Skrivet av: Mimmi

Vilken underbar blogg. Fann den nyss när jag letade efter en svart långklänning och jag mejlade dig direkt. Den finns nog antagligen inte kvar. Men jag hoppas ändå du svarar på mitt mejl så fort som möjligt. Kram

2011-05-08 - 20:04:11

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